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What Long Islanders are saying about the Long Island Nets...

"What you have done and are doing not only for my league but for youth sports overall is greatly appreciated.  I look forward to continuing to work together to bring more to youth basketball." - Steven Schmitt, ENYC President

"We are most looking forward to the experience of being involved in professional basketball on Long Island. Having tickets to impress clients with will drive our business to new heights. The family first aspect of the team itself is important to us as well. We are excited to have our kids learn and grow through the team as well as the sport of basketball. Being a part of the first professional basketball team since the 1970s and Dr. J is an exciting venture for us." - Neil Galfunt and Peter Alizio

"I wanted to have the opportunity to be a part of the inaugural season of the Long Island Nets in the New Coliseum. I'm looking forward to a season of wonderful and fun filled family memories." - Wanda Dixon-Scott

"I can't thank you enough for coming to talk to my students at Westbury High School today. It was a message they needed to hear. I look forward to working together on additional community events in the future." - Amy, Nassau Boces

"Thank you and thank you to the team for a terrific experience at the Long Island Nets Game last week. It was simply terrific." - Matthew Cohen, Long Island Association